Representing All Facets of Career and Technical Education - The Washington Association for Career and Technical Education (WA-ACTE) is organized into 8 Sections to provide members with professional development resources, events, and networking opportunities specific to their position or area of expertise. Members designate at least one Section when they join WA-ACTE, and an appointed Representative represents each Section on WA-ACTE's Executive Board.


Administration Section informs members on current WA-ACTE policies and issues and their implications for developments and advancements in all facets of CTE programming. We strive to create, promote, and implement high-quality professional standards across the full spectrum of CTE, to provide professional development opportunities for our members and to work in concert with WA-ACTE Sections, agencies, organizations, and institutions.

WACTA - Washington Association of Career and Technical Administrators


Agricultural Education Section members include agricultural sciences teachers, state agricultural education leaders, and university agricultural educators. Our mission is to prepare students for successful careers and a lifetime of choices in the global agriculture and natural resources systems. We embrace partnerships and strategic alliances to ensure a continuous presence of the agricultural sciences in a variety of educational settings.

WAAE - Washington Association of Agricultural Educators



Business Education is a diverse group of members dedicated to educating today's students for tomorrow's business community. We invite those who hold the following positions and anyone interested in our field to get involved with our Section: business education teachers, applied academic teachers, administrators, school-to-careers coordinators, business leaders, local and state supervisors, teacher educators, and students in career, technical and business education teacher prep programs.

Marketing Education encompasses a dynamic group of professionals dedicated to educating students in such marketing fields as advertising, entrepreneurship, hospitality and tourism, management, public relations, social media marketing, and many others. Together, they share ideas, glean new ways to bring a message to life and make a positive difference in their students' lives.

WE-BAM - Washington Educators of Business & Marketing


Career Counseling & Employment Readiness purpose is to promote and recognize Career Choices and Work-Site Learning, Career and College Readiness, and Jobs for Washington Graduates as integral and important to the total education program in the state of Washington; to work with other organizations to provide professional development in the alignment of CTE standards in programs through inservice activities; to pledge active assistance and support to all members of our organization.  We are comprised of career guidance professionals who work in a variety of settings and design, implement, and evaluate career development programming to support CTE, career decision making, and career pathways.  We strive to provide our members with valuable resources and opportunities for professional development, advocacy, networking, and career enhancement.  Within our Section, we are also pleased to offer the School-to-Work/Careers interest group.

WA-CCER - Washington Career Counseling & Employment Readiness


Family and Consumer Sciences Section promotes and enhances education throughout Washington State with a mission to empower individuals and families across their life span to manage the challenges of living and working in a diverse global society. We strive to prepare our students for families, work, community, and their interrelationships.  American Sign Language (ASL) teachers are also included in this Section.

WA-FACSE - Washington Family and Consumer Sciences Educators



Industrial Technology Education Section is comprised of members who are dedicated to preparing individuals for STEM-related careers, including engineering, technology, design, and applied aspects of science and mathematics. Members exchange the latest innovative thinking in the field, collaborate with other WA-ACTE Sections to infuse, where relevant, STEM into CTE curricula, and enrich secondary and postsecondary CTE classroom experiences for their students. Within our Section, we also offer three interest groups, including STEM, the Arts, and Information Technology Education.

WITEA - Washington Industrial Technology Education Association 

WITEA and WASTS have now combined into one section as of 8/6/2022 - WITEA.


Health Science Section includes instructors, administrators, applied academics instructors, local and state supervisors, teacher educators, and others who are dedicated to educating today's students for tomorrow's health care community. Our members serve as advisors for HOSA-Future Health Professionals, bring a wealth of experience directly from industry and prepare youth and adults for such careers as nursing, dental hygiene and dental assisting, home health aide, and medical technician professions.

HSCTE - Health Science Career & Technical Educators