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Washington Association for Career and Technical Education

March 27, 2015 - 3:06 pm

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Wenatchee School District

2014 WA-ACTE Teacher of the Year



Yelm Community Schools

National ACTE President Elect



Yelm Community Schools

ACTE Region V Carl Perkins Community Service Award



ACTE Region V Hall of Fame Award



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Washington ACTE Summer Professional Development Conference

August 9-12, 2015 – Yakima Convention Center

Registration Now Open!


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Each One Reach One Membership Campaign

Are you a Washington ACTE member that would like to help recruit a fellow colleague into our Association?

Download this membership form and recruit a new member today!


The Value of Membership

The Benefits of Belonging

Why Join Your Organization?

* Offer a collective, strong voice

* Access to relevant and current information

* Recognition of profession

* Provider of professional development

* Trusted access to wisdom

* Is your voice on issues that are important to you

* Facilitates your networking needs with colleagues across the state on different issues

* Keeps you current professionally

* Protect your livelihood

* Keep current on the latest information and techniques

* Network with experts across the state

* Be part of your professional group





Washington ACTE President Elect Nominations Open - Deadline May 1 - Click Here for Application




* * * * CTE Coalition Letter in Support of CTE Funding * * * *

CTE Coalition Letter pdf / Click Here to Sign Your Support



Governor Inslee Signs Proclamation for CTE Month 2015

Click Here for Proclamation pdf or Proclamation jpg





“Washington ACTE’s mission is to support our members in providing high
quality CTE opportunities for all students in Washington State.”




To provide leadership and services to our members as they prepare students for lifelong career success.

We accomplish our Purpose by Providing Members:

  • Quality professional development
  • Advocacy and promotion of Career and Technical Education
  • Advancement of policy and legislation
  • Networking and communication
  • Continuous quality association improvement


Advocacy: WA-ACTE believes that the field of Career and Technical Education needs a strong voice at the local, state, and national level to support its importance to students and to promote public awareness of the value of CTE in education and the economy.

Lifelong Learning: WA-ACTE embraces the concept of lifelong learning and recognizes how CTE creates a foundation for students to understand its importance in a rapidly changing environment.

Collaboration: WA-ACTE understands that it cannot accomplish its purpose without the strong support and partnership of other individuals and organizations who share in its vision.

Accountability: WA-ACTE supports the concept of accountability and encourages members to demonstrate their active contributions to all learners.

Service: WA-ACTE encourages the individual commitment of its members to the organization and the profession of Career and Technical Education, through professional service and support.

Diversity: WA-ACTE values diversity among its members and students and actively works to increase the diversity among its members.